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Wire wound and fixed design

(Summary description)Engine wiring harness bad work environment, so the high flame retardant, waterproof, high mechanical strength of the corrugated pipe wrap.

Wire wound and fixed design

(Summary description)Engine wiring harness bad work environment, so the high flame retardant, waterproof, high mechanical strength of the corrugated pipe wrap.

Engine wiring harness bad work environment, so the high flame retardant, waterproof, high mechanical strength of the corrugated pipe wrap.
Front line work environment is relatively poor, most branches also tie up with good flame retardancy bellows, part of the branch with PVC pipe wrap.
Instrument line working space is small, the environment is relatively good, can use all wearing tape or flowers.
Line and line of the canopy work the space is lesser, usable tape all around, some branches available industrial plastic cloth bandage;A finer canopy line can be directly with sponge tape on the car.
Chassis line for contact with body parts is more, so use corrugated pipe to prevent wire wear.
(2) bind with the performance analysis of raw materials
1. The bellows
Bellows in wiring harness bandage generally accounted for about 60%, or even more.Main characteristic is better wear resistance, high temperature resistance in high temperature, flame retardant, heat resistance is very good.The bellows heat resistance between the - 40-150 ℃.It the material of PP and PA2.PA in the aspect of flame retardant, wear-resisting material is better than that of PP material;But PP material is better than the PA material on the bending fatigue resistance.
2. The PVC pipe
The function of PVC pipes and corrugated pipe.PVC pipe has good softness and bending deformation resistance, and PVC pipe is commonly held, so PVC pipe is mainly used to harness the turning branch, in order to make wire rounding off.PVC tube heat temperature is not high, typically below 80 ℃.
3. The tape
Tape strapping in the wiring harness, wear resistance, insulation, flame retardant, noise reduction, labeling, etc, in bandaging material generally accounted for about 30%.XianShuYong PVC tape, tape generally runs flannelette tape and duct tape.PVC tape good abrasion resistance and flame retardant;The heat resistance at 80 ℃, the noise reduction sex is bad, the price cheaper.Cloth tape and duct tape material for PET.Best bandaging and noise reduction of cloth tape, heat resistance at 105 ℃ or so;Duct tape wear resistance, the highest heat resistance of about 150 ℃.Flannelette tape and duct tape has disadvantage is that the flame retardant is bad, is expensive.
(3) the wire fixed design
The central electrical box generally with steel bars, bolts, etc, or use the electrical box itself design of fixed structure directly installed on the car.
Every general plastic cable tie wire hooks, such as fixed to the body hole.Body hole are mostly round hole or ellipse hole, generally a diameter of 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm.
Docking between various wire sheath generally collective fixed up with a sheath support, and installed on the car.
Sea lions and MPV models of automobile body line long and thick, usually with a guard plate fixed to the vehicle body, in order to reduce vibration and noise.
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