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The composition of wiring harness

Date:2015-06-27 16:52



Jia fu
1. To facilitate the installation, maintenance, to ensure that electrical equipment can work under the worst conditions, the whole vehicle electrical equipment used in different specifications, different colors of wires through reasonable arrangement, will be the one, and the insulation tied into a bunch of wires, such already complete, and reliable.
2. Wire cross-sectional area and the choice of normal color mark
1) wire cross-sectional area of the correct selection of the rich
The car electrical equipment according to the size of the load current to select the sectional area of the wire used.Long hours of electrical equipment can choose wire carrying capacity of 60% in real terms;The electrical equipment of the short time work available wire and the actual carrying capacity of 60% 100%.
2) wire color choice jia fu
To facilitate the identification and repair, the electrical wiring harness wires have adopted a different color.
To mark in the circuit diagram is convenient, the color of the wires are made of letters, it represents the color of the notes are in the circuit diagram.Jia fu
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